Hydrogen, Inhalation instead of “drinking” it. Hydrogen Inhalation

Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

Starting from Dr. Shigeo Ohta’s (Nippon Medical School) clinical trial on oxidative effect of hydrogen,
multiple papers on hydrogen treatment have been published, and hydrogen has been drawing a lot of attention by numerous people.

As a result for the past 10 years, ‘hydrogen water generator’ has been popular among people, and lots of hydrogen water related products, such as hydrogen water generator and tumblers are being sold. However, most scientists has been raising a question in hydrogen water. According to the statement from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, hydrogen in hydrogen water generator is either not present, or barely present. Not only it is barely present, but it evaporates once it is exposed to oxygen of certain temperature, or it doesn’t get absorbed into the body. Thus, at last recent news reported that drinking hydrogen generated water is no different than drinking ‘normal’ water. This shows a theory that separated hydrogen gas does not dissolve into water on its own.
Companies explain that hydrogen concentration reaches up to 1,000ppb at maximum.
Although 1,000ppb seems like a high number, ppb illustrates 1 in a billion particles, which means that 1mg (0.001g) of hydrogen is dissolved in 1 liter (1,000g) of water. Drinking daily recommendation of water intake (2 liters) in hydrogen water will only result in intake of 0.002g of hydrogen.
Moreover, once water containing trace of hydrogen is exposed to oxygen or the temperature increases, hydrogen within the water immediately evaporates. As this scientific knowledge become well known, and the fact that most of Dr. Shigeo Ohta’s and others’(Nippon Medical School) clinical trials used hydrogen gas become known, Hydrogen inhalation therapy has been suddenly drawing attention to it.

2016 November, as Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy got approved as advanced medical treatment B by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare,

Centered in Japan and USA, many hospitals are introducing Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy, and cases of using hydrogen inhalation therapy at home, work and natural healing centers have been increasing.

While working at the office, while resting, while sleeping,

You can safely inhale hydrogen and maintain immunity

The longer you do hydrogen inhalation, the more change in body that you can acknowledge, and the effect doubles and triples. In order to recover health by gaining energy from hydrogen, you must have proper understanding of information on hydrogen.

Why Hydrogen Inhalation?

Remember the 3 following thins about hydrogen:

  • 01 Hydrogen is originally gas
  • 02 thus it has a tendency to spread out
  • 03 it very small that it can even leave through muscle and bone
hydrogen generator

Hydrogen Separation Technology

Our Hue Light's hydrogen inhalation device is currently supplied to various sites including the research facilities, the hospitals, the clinics, the businesses and homes worldwide.
  • solid polymer electrolyte technology

  • no additives such as harmful natrium peroxide

  • high electrolysis efficiency

Hydrogen inhalation therapy Q&A

t takes around 20 minutes for hydrogen to reach cells in all parts of your body.
· In hospitals and clinics in Japan, depending on the patient’s condition, hydrogen inhalation is performed for about 1 hour, 1~3 times a day.
· For athletes, pre/post-exercise, once each, 60~90 minutes per session
· 60 minutes prior to sleep for severe insomnia
· for normal health, once or twice a day (morning and night) 30~60 minutes per session
· For patients during chemotherapy, brain diseases like Parkinson’s, or autoimmune diseases, 4~6 hours (during sleep) (the more the better, and less side effects)

Usually 0.001g of hydrogen is present in 1ℓ (half of a large water bottle) of hydrogen water. This is barely a trace of hydrogen, and the size is similar to a peck of dust. Scientifically, in room temperature/pressure, maximum amount of hydrogen that can dissolve in 1 liter of water is 1.6mg (0.0016g). However, using 30 minutes of H-1200, a hydrogen generator for inhalation purpose, is equivalent of drinking 18,000 bottles of 2-liter hydrogen water bottles. If you use hydrogen for treatment or health purposes, hydrogen inhalation is the key.

It reverts overly produced active oxygen in the body, and acts as an anti-oxidant in cell signaling system within molecular cells. Especially during chemotherapy, it acts as a strong anti-oxidant and manages chemotherapy side-effects, Parkinson’s brain diseases, pneumonia, and maintains immunity.

“From the study of terminal cancer patients by Dr. Junji Akagi, medical treatment center in Tama, Japan”

in a study of “hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture inhalation on chronic fatigue and fatigue from high intensity exercise”, it has proven that inhalation mitigates fatigue until one day after the inhalation. (Yamanshi University, Japan, General research center, from Dr. Koyama Katsuhiro’s study)

Wellness Era, Immunity Care through Hydrogen Inhalation